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We offer car warranty protection against expensive repair bills. Now you can stop worrying with our instant used car warranty cover.

Providing one of the best car warranties on today’s market, we’re confident that we can help all our customers. Whether you’re buying used, already own your vehicle or you are extending an original manufacturer’s agreement, MotorEasy has the right car warranty for you.

We provide speedy, same day extended car warranty authorisation with all parts and labour included in each of our plans. MotorEasy’s experts handle any repairs you need directly with the garage; we can even arrange the collection and return of your car! Plus, we pay the garages ourselves, so you’re never out of pocket.

Manage all your car’s care within an easy-to-use MotorEasy account created just for you. Submit and track repairs online – any time.

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We’ll handle warranty repairs directly with the garage

Save Money

MotorEasy’s car warranty covers parts, labour and diagnostics up to the value of your vehicle

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Watch everything happen online from your dedicated MotorEasy account


Buy online to save 10% using code AUTUMN!

What is a car warranty?

A car warranty covers you against the costs of parts and labour with mechanical and electric faults on your vehicle. Warranties are usually provided by the car manufacturer, dealerships or third party car warranty providers like MotorEasy.

Protection from a car warranty will vary depending on your level of cover and provider. You may also be expected to maintain your vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications as part of your car warranty agreement.

Car warranties usually last for an agreed period of time and/or up to a certain mileage, depending on the warranty provider you choose.

What is an extended vehicle warranty?

Once your manufacturer or retailer car warranty expires, an extended warranty will keep you covered for mechanical and electrical faults as well as wear and tear with MotorEasy. An extended warranty could also offer you a more comprehensive policy, depending on the type of warranty you’re currently on as some manufacturers' warranties are limited.

Whether you’ve bought a new car, purchased a second-hand vehicle or have owned your vehicle for a while, you can buy an extended car warranty to cover your vehicle.

Faults are included whether they lead to a breakdown, you notice something is wrong or it’s discovered as part of a service or MOT.

The main reason people choose to extend their car warranty is for peace of mind. Although cars are constantly improving in reliability, they can be very costly should something go wrong with the price of an hour’s labour known to exceed £200.

If you’re not a car buff and something happens, chances are that you’ll be in a world that is completely alien to you and asked for decisions by the repairer that you’re unqualified to make. And what choice will you have? Leave the car where it is and walk home, move it elsewhere and start again, or just pay the bill and put it down to experience.

Most of us do the latter and drive away miffed! Add the possibility of parts shortages to cause even more delay and the thought of a breakdown gets seriously worrying. That’s where an extended car warranty can help.

A warranty is a guarantee that covers the cost of repairs on a specified product.

Car warranties are specifically designed to pay the parts and labour costs to repair sudden and unexpected faults to the vehicle they cover.

A car warranty won’t cover accidental damage or work required resulting from an accident - this will be covered by a car insurance policy.

Neither will it cover consumable, frictional or service parts such as brake pads, wiper blades, clutch plates and filters, unless they are found to be faulty from new.

In contrast, car insurance is a legal requirement if you intend to drive on the road. It provides financial protection in the event of an accident, fire or theft.

As well as covering the cost of vehicle damage or a write-off, car insurance covers costs resulting from injuries to vehicle passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and property.

There are two types of warranties available for new and used cars.

Warranties for new cars

New cars will come with a manufacturer's warranty, usually covering you for three years or up to 60,000 miles. When this is coming to an end, contact MotorEasy for an extended warranty.

Usually, the cover provided by the manufacturer will be sufficient so you shouldn’t need any additional policies until this has expired. Once expired, you may be able to extend the warranty through the manufacturer, however, they usually don’t provide the same levels of cover as that from MotorEasy, don’t cover wear and tear and will likely be more expensive.

Warranties for used cars

Dealers and retailers will usually provide a warranty on second-hand cars - usually for a maximum of a year but often only for three months. This cover isn’t always very comprehensive so it may be worthwhile topping up your warranty cover.

Check what is covered by the dealer/retailer, how long you’re covered and if additional charges are applied should you need to claim. Usually, it’ll be cheaper to buy an extended warranty from MotorEasy and you’ll likely receive much higher levels of cover - including wear and tear.

Some retailers and dealers also charge a hefty excess when it comes to warranty repairs so make sure you’re not caught out with additional charges.

The main attraction of a car warranty is that it protects you from unexpected and sometimes very expensive repair costs should something go wrong with your vehicle.

Most manufacturers now include new car warranties as standard with the sale of brand-new cars. However, if you own a car without a car warranty or are about to buy second-hand and you think you might struggle to cover the cost if something major goes wrong, then a car warranty is likely to be a good idea.

When looking around, be aware that cover and price will vary, so be careful about the company and cover you choose so as not to end up with a car warranty that doesn’t pay out when you need it. Simply choosing the cheapest policy or getting your car warranty from the garage you purchased your car from, without considering the alternatives, could see you losing out.

Here’s our list of things to check so that you’ll have the best combination of price and cover if the worst happens.

  • What parts and parts costs are covered
  • Which garages you can use for repairs
  • Does it cover the full garage labour costs
  • Is there a repair excess to pay
  • Is there a mileage restriction
  • What maintenance is required to retain validity
  • Will it cover failures due to all types of wear and tear
  • Does it cover consequential damage/loss
  • Are faults identified by the garage at MOT or service covered
  • Will it pay for diagnostic time
  • Does it cover failures due to overheating
  • What are the individual and total claim limits
  • What additional benefits are included
  • Service, frictional, disposable or consumable parts won’t be covered. These are generally: wheels, tyres, exhausts, batteries, wiper blades, clutch plates and parts routinely replaced at a service.

    You may find that the parts covered, or the provider’s contribution towards the repair costs, reduces as the car ages or completes higher mileages.

    Even if the car warranty covers all mechanical and electrical failures, there may still be claim limitations that will stop you from getting paid for the engine or gearbox. So, knowing exactly which parts of your vehicle are covered by a car warranty is vital.

    Some car warranties allow you to pick and mix or add to the basic cover levels. A good car warranty provider should be offering appropriate cover for the age and mileage of your car while not leaving you to create your own list. But, if you decide to build your own, check out all the parts that can be protected and check that your selected car warranty policy meets your needs before you buy.

    Many repairs cost more in labour than they do for parts. A car warranty will often restrict you to a maximum labour rate for any work, particularly if this includes VAT, so you may find yourself having to contribute a significant amount to get your car back on the road.

    Many companies will cover labour costs but cap the amount they are willing to pay. This means you need to check the maximum hourly rate that the car warranty company will pay and whether a maximum claim limit applies - either on a single repair job or as an annual cap. You’ll also need to double-check that this limit is sufficient to cover repair work at your preferred garage, otherwise, you’ll need to make up the difference.

    Finding out exactly what is wrong with a car can also take considerable time and many car warranty policies don’t extend their coverage to pay for the labour costs involved with diagnostic testing. As a result, you need to check that this would be covered by the garage completing the repair work, or make sure it is covered by your car warranty, or you could face having to pay for several hours of labour costs before the repair work even begins.

    Some car warranty companies restrict where you can take your car for repair work. This is usually due to business agreements companies have with certain garage networks that mean they get discount repair rates. However, more importantly, it can restrict where you can take your car to get it fixed.

    For this reason, you must check whether you get to choose which garage you take your car to, or whether you are only able to use a garage that forms part of the car warranty company’s restricted network of garages. If the latter applies, then you’ll need to check that there is an approved garage near you and that the cover for labour charges provided by the car warranty company you are looking at is sufficient.

    If you are unhappy with the choice of garages available through a car warranty provider, consider looking elsewhere for flexible cover.

    Car warranties often stipulate an excess that you will need to pay each time you claim. The amount you’ll need to cough up will vary significantly from provider to provider and will ultimately affect whether a policy is worth having.

    For example, if you have to pay the first £250 of any claim, then you are unlikely to see any real financial benefit should something go wrong, even if it is a cheap policy in the first place.

    Instead, you need to look for a policy that offers suitable cover at an affordable price with the lowest excess; £50 or less is commonplace to make the cost of making a claim worthwhile.

    When you take out the cover you will be asked for your current mileage. If it’s over 100,000 miles then getting suitable cover may be more difficult, although cover is available up to around 150,000 miles.

    Once accepted, the annual mileage allowed may vary but any restrictions are normally generous and plenty enough for the average motorist.

    Some car warranty providers also offer tiered levels of cover where the number of benefits you receive or the amount you would have to contribute to repairs depends on the number of miles you drive.

    Most car warranties will stipulate minimum care criteria for your vehicle. Any car warranty you take out will only be valid if you have an up-to-date MOT and have had a service in the last 12 months.

    Some providers, usually franchised dealers, will require you to have your MOT and service completed at a listed garage, rather than your choice of independent garage, for the duration of the car warranty. This is often a good way for the provider to guarantee repeat business but can mean that you pay more for these services than you would ordinarily.

    Check if this is the case and whether you’re happy with the servicing arrangements before you buy. Some providers may even help you by providing low-cost service and MOT arrangements.

    Many car warranty documents include a clause in their terms and conditions which specifically exclude claims deemed to be caused by wear and tear. As this can be applied to such a wide range of problems, it can be used by car warranty providers to avoid paying for repairs - it is estimated that some 70% of claims can be attributed to wear and tear.

    However, in response to complaints about rejected claims received in the past, several of the UK’s leading car warranty providers now incorporate car warranty parts protection for wear and tear-related damage.

    That said, you still need to carefully check each car warranty policy for conditions relating to wear and tear before you buy. To confuse, there are different definitions of wear and tear: ‘premature’, ‘gradual’, ‘general’, ‘usual’ and ‘normal’ wear and tear. They are often phrased to avoid claims by seemingly bona fide car warranty companies.

    Everything is bound to wear out eventually and the best car warranty providers understand this and accommodate this risk, relying on age and mileage cover restrictions to protect them from a certainty of claims. If you are unsure exactly what would be covered, contact the company directly to check so you know exactly where you stand before you make your choice.

    Consequential damage occurs when a non-covered part fails, causing a covered part to fail. A failed alternator belt tangling with a cambelt could result in a blown engine and a big bill. The car warranty is unlikely to cover the alternator belt so if consequential damage isn’t covered the bill is likely to be yours!

    Some car warranties don’t cover these - amazing, but true! This may be your only annual trip to the garage so if the faults found here aren’t covered, you might be in trouble.

    Diagnosis often takes longer than the actual repair. A car warranty that doesn’t allow for a reasonable amount of diagnostic time might therefore leave you with a hefty bill.

    A good car warranty will cover overheating which can often result in catastrophic failure. If the cambelt snaps the engine is likely to overheat and ultimately fail. As long as the cambelt has been changed when recommended by the manufacturer, a good car warranty should pay for repairs.

    If you buy a car warranty with a £500 claim limit it will be cheap but won’t cover many repairs. You may also find that an annual limit is set or that only a certain number of claims are allowable in a given period. Ideally, the claim limit should be as high as the value of your car.

    Aside from repairing faults and paying for work needed for your car, many car warranty policies now include several other benefits. While these added extras can be beneficial and often make your life that little bit easier, you should avoid picking a car warranty solely on the additional features it offers.

    Instead, you need to focus on what the car warranty covers, its costs and any exclusions, only looking at the following additional benefits as the final piece of the puzzle.

    Breakdown cover

    Several independent car warranty companies include a breakdown service with their cover. This is designed to extend the cover offered by a car warranty from the garage forecourt to the roadside and covers the costs of transporting your car to a garage for repairs.

    As with other features, however, you need to check exactly what’s included and whether it truly stacks up to dedicated breakdown cover offered by mainstream providers.

    You also need to be happy that the extra you have to pay for the cover represents value for money or whether you would save money by getting the extra cover elsewhere.

    Car hire

    Car hire for when your car is off the road is available with some policies. While this may be a nice extra, ask yourself if it is a benefit you would realistically use and whether it’s worth any extra cost.

    Overnight accommodation

    Some providers have extended their cover to include accommodation costs should your vehicle fail and you have to check into a hotel as a result. As with other extras you need to ask whether you are ever likely to use this feature or whether you would simply prefer to pay for a hotel room if you ever need to.

    Many car warranties, especially from franchised dealers, can be quite expensive and sometimes cost more than many standard repair jobs.

    An extended car warranty will probably prove excellent value if your engine blows up but less so if you never claim on it. The peace of mind, though, can be a real plus, just knowing that you won’t suddenly have to pay a big bill.

    Of course, you may end up paying upfront for repair work that your car never actually needs. It’s not dissimilar to contents insurance for your home or taking out cover for your boiler, but probably much better value.

    Getting the best car warranty for your car isn’t simply a matter of choosing the cheapest car warranty or most comprehensive policy. Instead, you need to consider what you need from your car warranty and how long you need cover.

    You shouldn’t just buy it from the garage that sells you the car, instead, you need to compare the car warranty they offer with those available from independent car warranty providers.

    Although you hope that you won’t encounter any problems when you own or are about to purchase a car, it makes sense to do a bit of research on the model involved. This research can be particularly useful when you come to compare car warranties.

    Try to find out what are the most common problems other car owners have encountered in the past and at roughly what mileage they start to occur. This way you can list the most common faults that your car is susceptible to and check that car warranty repairs would cover the costs should you encounter the same problems.

    The key benefit of an extended car warranty is the peace of mind that you’re covered should anything go wrong with your vehicle and you won’t be liable for expensive diagnosis, parts and labour.

    A typical car repair will usually cost you around £438 based on MotorEasy reliability index this will be covered by your extended warranty saving you a huge amount of money.

    What can our car warranty
    cover give you?

    • No stress, no hassle – we deal directly with your chosen garage
    • Able to arrange collection AND delivery from your home or work
    • A network of 10,000 garages nationwide
    • All repairs monitored by our team of top engineers
    • Commitment to shopping around for the best rates
    • Protects your vehicle wherever you are in the EU – up to 60 days

    What does a car warranty cover?

    Our car warranties cover:

    Wear and tear

    Failures caused by overheating

    Air conditioning problems

    Failures identified during MOT and servicing

    Emissions failures

    In-car entertainment


    Sat nav

    Unlike many car warranty, service and maintenance providers, we also cover your vehicle for all consequential damage. This means you won’t be hit with the cost of any knock-on work a garage needs to carry out.

    We’ll even tailor the car warranty to suit you. If you want protection for one, two or as much as three years, that’s fine.

    And if you’re not sure how long you’ll be keeping your vehicle, don’t worry: our pay monthly car warranty plans offer complete flexibility.

    A lower-cost alternative that lets you enjoy all the repair benefits of our full vehicle warranty product when your car suffers a roadside failure or breakdown, consider taking out one of MotorEasy’s Lite Warranty Plans to get the most from your coverage.

    You can also cut the cost of your car warranty by agreeing in advance to make voluntary contributions toward any work.

    We do all we can to make your motoring, well, easy! Buy a car warranty with us and you’ll soon reap the benefits.


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    Why choose a MotorEasy car warranty?

    MotorEasy goes the extra mile to ensure you have full and comprehensive coverage with your extended car warranty.

    • We cover more parts - MotorEasy covers a huge number of issues including those caused by wear and tear, unlike many other manufacturers making our cover some of the best car warranty protection on the market
    • We pay the garage directly - you don’t have to pay anything to the garage as this is done directly with a MotorEasy car warranty meaning you’re never out of pocket
    • Choose a garage that’s right for you - you can choose from our list of 10,000 specially selected garages around the UK or use your own for warranty repairs
    • Track your repair online - you can track the process of your repair 24 hours a day through your MotorEasy account
    • Car warranties include issues discovered in MOTs and services - if a garage identifies a fault during your MOT or service, it is covered as part of your car warranty
    • Your car can be picked up and dropped off - we can arrange for your car to be collected and returned by the garage completing the work, saving you the hassle
    • Car warranty claims are up to the value of your car - you’re covered for claims up to the total value of your vehicle
    • You’re covered in Europe - our extended warranties can cover you in Europe, depending on your policy

    Types of extended car warranty

    MotorEasy offers varying levels of cover with their car warranty to suit your specific needs. The table below shows what is covered in each car warranty package:

    Components / System
    Air conditioning
    Braking system hydraulics
    Braking system cables, pedal assembly and vacuum pump
    Clutch ancillaries
    Clutch plate – including cover and release bearing
    Cooling system thermostat and water pump
    Cooling system radiators and fans
    Main ECU (computer)
    Other ECUs (computers)
    Airbag electrics (external to airbags)
    Starter motor and alternator
    Main electrical system components
    Emission system components
    Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters
    Fluids and consumables
    Flywheels and drive plates
    Fuel system – pumps and tank
    Fuel system – other components
    Ignition system – coils, crankshaft and camshaft sensors
    Ignition system – other components
    Crankshaft rear oil seal
    Gearbox input shaft oil seal
    Other oil seals and gaskets
    Power steering motor, pump and ram
    Other steering system components
    Super / Turbochargers

    Depending on which warranty level you choose, you will receive different cover and perks. Choose a warranty that’s right for your budget and your circumstances.

    Many MotorEasy policies include additional perks including breakdown cover, car hire, overnight accommodation, etc.

    For full details of the car warranty protection we offer, please check out our car warranty plan guides:

    This is a guide document, please refer to your full plan document for full terms and conditions.

    Stop worrying about car warranty costs - for 24/7 peace of mind, get a quote now with MotorEasy!


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    Why rely on MotorEasy for car warranty?

    “The appeal of MotorEasy is clear and simple. It looks after all the tedious, day-to-day aspects of car ownership, leaving you free to enjoy driving.”

    Paul Hudson, Telegraph Motoring Editor

    “MotorEasy’s cover is simple, straightforward and proper.”

    Honest John

    Car Warranty FAQs

    Here are the answers to your most common car warranty questions:

    Yes, EV and hybrid car warranties are available from MotorEasy, covering you for electrical and mechanical issues as well as the battery.

    The car must be under 120,000 miles and 12 years old to be eligible for a MotorEasy car warranty. For wear and tear cover, the car must have a free-of-charge car health check before cover can begin - however, you can have electrical and mechanical cover without a check.

    Car warranties don’t cover accidental damage or damage as a result of an accident - this would be covered by your car insurance and GAP insurance in the event of a write-off.

    You’re covered for general wear and tear, but you must have a free MotorEasy health check before it is available.

    A car warranty also won’t cover consumable, perishable, frictional or service parts. This includes brake pads, batteries, tyres, wiper blades, filters and clutch plates unless they are thought to be faulty from new or due to incorrect fitting.

    The price of car warranties varies depending on the make and model of your car. Prices start from as little as £16.50.

    Years of experience have gone into our pricing, and our online focus allows us to operate on reduced overheads. There are also no middlemen taking slices; we deal directly with you. Here at MotorEasy, a cheap car warranty is always guaranteed.

    12, 24 and 36-month car warranties are available as well as pay monthly policies from MotorEasy giving you peace of mind with your vehicle no matter the circumstances.

    No, all you need is a manufacturer service within 12 months of the date you take out an extended service.

    To keep your warranty valid, you need to service and MOT your car according to your car’s manual. You should also replace any parts within their specified timeframe such as the timing belt.

    You can book and track your repair through your MotorEasy account or by contacting a member of the team.

    If you’re worried about any existing dealer car warranty insurance, relax. You can top it up with a MotorEasy plan that provides supplemental protection until the expiry date, by which time you’ll be ready to take out our full vehicle car warranty product. Alternatively, we can arrange for our cover to start as soon as your dealer agreement ends.

    Purchasing a used car from a dealership? Consider asking for a lower price without their car warranty and getting covered by MotorEasy instead. To do so, call us on 0800 131 0001.

    An extended car warranty can help save you money for investigations, parts and labour if something is to go wrong with your vehicle. A warranty can give you peace of mind as you’ll be covered for any issues with your vehicle including wear and tear.

    Lease cars are typically available with a car warranty included for the duration of the contract. However, if your lease is longer than the car warranty or you exceed the mileage cap, buying an extended car warranty can be beneficial for added peace of mind.

    Yes, you can transfer your warranty if you sell your car. An admin fee will be charged for changes to car warranty details, costing around £30.

    All vehicles must have no modifications made to the manufacturer’s original specification (unless agreed in writing by us).

    Although it’s not our intention to provide cover for extremely modified vehicles, some minor modifications may be acceptable – but will need to be agreed upon with us before the cover is finalised.

    MotorEasy has a network of over 10,000 trusted garages nationwide and are happy to work with any workshop that the customer requests. If the driver wishes to take the car to a garage who are opposed to working with third parties, then the driver would need to send us a written quotation and we would pay the driver before they collect the car from the workshop.

    You can find the answers to your most common questions on our FAQs or by speaking to a member of the team today.

    A used car warranty is an extended warranty for a second-hand vehicle. It works in the same way as any other car extended warranty to cover you for electric and mechanical faults on your motor.

    MotorEasy has some of the best car warranties available on the market as you’re covered for electric and mechanical faults as well as fair wear and tear up to the value of your vehicle. You get a free car health check and we pay the garage so you’re never out of pocket. We also have 10,000 specially selected garages to choose from or you can use your preferred garage.

    A MotorEasy car warranty is available from one year up to three. if your cover is coming to an end, you can also extend it to suit your motoring needs.

    MotorEasy offer cheap car warranty starting from as little as £16.50 per month or £198 per year, with an average car warranty costing around £425 per year. Compared to most equivalent manufacturer warranties, MotorEasy are notably cheaper and tend to provide a higher level of cover. By way of comparison, a typical BMW 1 series car warranty is £675 per year compared to £505 for a MotorEasy warranty. While a Ford warranty is £652 compared to £451 for a Ford Mondeo ST-Line MotorEasy warranty.

    For further example comparisons see our guide to manufacturer warranties.

    Kia currently has the best manufacturer warranty for its drivers. When you buy a Kia, it comes with a seven year or 100,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first. You can have your vehicle serviced by any garage, not just through Kia. However, unlike a MotorEasy warranty, you’re not covered for wear and tear so if something goes wrong, you’ll have to pay to get it fixed.

    A MotorEasy car warranty is flexible to suit you, however, typically covers you for around three years.

    A typical manufacturer car warranty provides cover for the first three years of a car’s lifespan, however some manufacturers can cover longer. For example, Kia will cover cars up to 7-years old. In contrast, a MotorEasy warranty will cover vehicles up to 10-years old. If you’re not sure whether you have cover in place, you can contact us to discuss your car warranty needs.

    MotorEasy provides car warranty cover on behalf of Halfords giving you one of the best car warranties available through a trusted warranty provider.