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Put some Caryoga in your life…

In case you had not noticed, driving is a very stressful business. Never mind the terrible traffic jams which make every single journey a nightmare, plus there are all those other drivers who are not quite as good as you constantly raising your blood pressure. So what is the answer?

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Land Rover Freelander Buying Guide

Land Rover no longer makes the Freelander, which is a shame. This is an underrated vehicle, which is now great value as used car buy. We’d buy one because if you go off road there is clever gadgets that will help you to stay on track without slipping all over the place. Then when you are in town doing the shopping you won’t bounce uncomfortably over rough roads and it corners flatly with plenty of grip when driven with some verve.

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Don’t Drive Distracted

Just 7% of accidents are caused by excessive speed, which is one of the most surprising statistics to emerge in recent years. According to Perry McCarthy, the original Top Gear Stig, there is nothing worse than distracted driving, which is the reason why he told us, “I do not listen to the radio or music.”

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Servicing keeps your car and finances healthy.

Skipping your car servicing might seem like an easy shortcut. Surely modern cars are better made than ever and service schedules are getting longer anyway? Well actually dodging the cost of a service not only exposes drivers to an increased chance of breaking down and causing serious damage, it can also seriously affect the value of the car.

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Car Recall Notifications

DVSA Car Recalls are a regular occurence these days, and a good thing for drivers. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest cars due for safety recalls.

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