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Dash Cams - The Facts

Cameras mounted in the car, recording every journey, are better known as dash cams. They are there for the motorist’s protection, but what is the legal position when it comes to the footage?

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MotorEasy Reading: Enjoy Free Car Mag 61

Free Car Mag has got football fever, there are players with cars and Rio Ferdinand and Aston Martin with their exciting joint venture. There's also all the usual features you expect, the cars for your head and heart and best new car advice.

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Lost In Translation: Seven Mechanics Terms That Baffle Every Motorist

Lost In Translation launched by MotorEasy is trying to make a difference to the way customers are treated at garages. To try and help motorists even further they've listed the top 7 jargon terms used by mechanics and what they really mean.

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Warning Lights: What To Watch Out For

Warning lights on your dashboard are something no one wants to see. They usually mean that something bad and expensive is happening. Here are the most important/common car warning lights you need to know and what to do when they appear.

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Tyre Markings: Understand The Writing & Codes On Your Sidewall

Tyre markings mean almost nothing unless you're a tyre fitter. We've broken down each part of the code for you including tyre size, speed rating, load index and the other tyre markings found on the sidewalls at the four corners of your car.

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