12 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Fans!

By: Brown Car Guy
Christmas gift guide

Wondering what to buy your gearhead friends and family for Christmas? Don’t worry, we have some unique ideas for you!

Heel Tread Socks
‘Ah, socks. Thanks, that’s nice. Just what I needed…’ the dejection and disappointment frequently accompanying those words upon unwrapping a pitiful parcel of socks is always heart-wrenchingly apparent. But don’t worry, surprise and elation will replace disheartening dismay, when the receiver discovers it’s Heel Tread Socks. Inspired by the automotive world, each set is themed to a car or automotive event, so whether it’s an AC Cobra, KITT from Knight Rider, or the famed 24hrs of LeMans race, there’s a vibrant pair of socks to be had.

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(Prices from around £10)


Rothy’s Recycled Driving Loafers
Next time someone accuses your car-loving friend of not being environmentally conscious, they’ll be able to retort ‘talk to the foot!’ Hey? Well, that’s because you’ll have furnished them with some fine washable driving loafers knit from thread spun from single-use plastic bottles. It takes 21 plastic bottles to make a pair of Rothy’s ‘Falcon’ driving loafers. The company also makes the floor from algae-based foam. Don’t worry comfort and functionality are paramount too with dual-density insoles and gum outsoles with raised nubs for grip.

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(Prices from £160) 


LED Torch Gloves
For those that like to be hands-on when it comes to working on the car, good lighting is always helpful. But holding a torch while trying to loosen a grommit inside the boot of a car is tricky, and wearing a head torch is not always ideal as your hands cast shadows. What if the lights were actually on your fingers? This marvellous invention has rechargeable LED lights, is made of durable material and is water proof.

Get it from Amazon (search ‘Kezkals LED gloves’). Prices from £15


Car Cleaning Kit
It might be a cliché gift, but nearly all car people love taking the time to properly clean, polish and wax their pride and joy. And you can never have enough materials and chemicals in your cleaning closet. There are tons of options out there with prices starting from as little as £15 for a set. Head over to Halfords to see their selections.

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Oily Racing Car Mugs
Taking a short break from all that cleaning could mean enjoying a hot brew from your favourite mug, and what better than these brilliant evocatively-designed mugs. Oily Racing Car Mugs are meant to look like the race-soiled bonnets of endurance racing cars. The recreation is via the glazing on the outside, while the inside is pristine white to accommodate the drinker’s favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

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(Prices from £12)


Chocolate Road Signs
Who wouldn’t want to bite into a nice bit of chocolate with their coffee? How about these, road sign-themed chocolates. Each tin contains 15 assorted road signs made from solid chocolate and foil-wrapped, weighing 12.5g. All suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. And if road signs don’t quite tickle your fancy, there are also sports cars and Formula 1 themed chocolates available too.

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(Prices from £18)


PopBangColour Commissioned Continuous Car Drawing

To really surprise someone with a unique and bespoke gift that will be treasured forever, you need to do two things – steal a picture of their car, and contact famed automotive artist PopBangColour’s Ian Cook. Nothing beats a commissioned portrait of your pride and joy by a world-famous artist. Here’s mine!
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(Prices dependent on commission)


Sony Playstation GranTurismo 7
This year marked the 25th anniversary of the best driving sim game of them all. Sony Playstation’s GrandTurismo has always focussed on trying to recreate not just real-world cars as accurately as possible, but also their specifically nuanced driving experience better than any other console game. They go to extreme lengths recording telematics and sound clips of actual cars. The game is so highly regarded and popular that some car manufacturers have specifically designed cars just for the game.

The latest iteration takes it to even greater heights of realism.
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Lego Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5
As Daniel Craig bowed out of playing the iconic superspy 007 James Bond, this year also marked the 60thAnniversary of the long-running franchise. Meanwhile Lego’s ‘Speed Champions’ series put out a version of Bond’s favourite car, the Aston Martin DB5, complete with a Bond Lego mini-figure and alternative numberplates (the movie car had revolving number plates). Not keen on the Aston? The range offers a variety of other models including Dom’s Dodge from the Fast & Furious franchise, a Lamborghini Countach and Toyota GR Supra among others.

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(Prices from £18)



Eject Button
Another one for fans of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 (famed for having the ejector seat), or indeed any car owner with a wicked sense of humour. Designed to fit into your cigarette lighter/power supply sockets, it looks like a big red button for operating the ‘ejector seats’. If any passenger starts to get on your nerves, just pretend to hit the ‘ejector button’. Or alternatively select ‘Panic’ or ‘Fire Missile’ buttons for extra drama.

Get them from Amazon (search ‘Novelty Eject Button’). Prices from £6



Vintage Metal Plates
These are very cool. Vintage metal plates illustrating racing posters and iconic automotive logos and adverts. Perfect for putting up in the car enthusiast’s garage, den or ‘man cave’. They’re available from numerous car memorabilia shops and autojumbles that take place in the summer months, but right now you can order them from Etsy.

Buy now (Prices from £18)



Mini RC Car Watch Toys
Here’s one for car-loving-kiddies. Delightful little remote-control cars in various shapes, colours and styles, some based on actual cars like the Ford Mustang or Bugatti Veyron, that fit inside a ‘watch’ bubble that children can wear on their wrists. They can extract the car and drive it using remote control buttons on the wrist band. The toy uses rechargeable batteries. There’s a variety of versions available on Amazon, starting from as little as under £7.

Get them from Amazon (search ‘remote control watch cars’). Prices from £7


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