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The latest issue of Free Car Mag discusses the Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond & May and their now infamous tent! Be warned, if you're planning to binge watch the entire series, they go into a bit of detail about the first episode.


In other news, Land Rover built the biggest Lego structure using 5,805,846 individual bricks! That's a distance of over 200miles when laid end to end and is the distance from Tower Bridge, London to Paris, France, where the new Land Rover Discovery was presented. 


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Watch how this world record breaking structure was created.



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James Ruppert, the award-winning editor of Free Car Mag, has a long history in the automotive industry with over three decades of experience as a motoring journalist. Having previously been a car dealer, he has published many books, with "Bangernomics" being his most famous.

You may have seen James on a couple of BBC documentaries about the British & German car making industries over the years, so it's safe to say James certainly knows a thing or two about cars.


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