Looking After Your Car in Lockdown

By: Motor Easy
Car care tips

As a large number of motorists across the country are getting back on the roads after leaving their pride and joy sat on the driveway - we take a look at a few common worries when it comes to your car.

Car Battery

One of the biggest risks of not using your car for long periods of time is a flat battery. If your car is out of use, it can lose charge - subsequently causing problems when it comes to starting the ignition. To combat this problem, the best thing to do is invest in a battery trickle charger to maintain its condition until you’re back out on the roads as normal.

For some tips on how to spot an early battery failure - check out our blog


We know a lot of people are wondering what happens when it comes to your car’s MOT. The government has given a 6 month extension on MOTs, however garages are still open to complete them - including the MotorEasy network, which you can book in here.

Wish to take advantage of the extra 6 months? Just be aware if your car has a fault (and otherwise would not pass an MOT) you should not be driving it - and you should pay attention to any warning signs developing. Garages are still open to complete repairs and essential work, so if this happens - contact our team and we’ll book you into get this sorted. You can also get an instant quote here.

How can I prevent expensive repairs?

  •  Keep an eye on your tyres - they will naturally deflate, so making sure the pressure is at an optimal level is key. To keep your tyres protected, you could consider investing in tyre insurance, giving you that endless peace of mind.
  • Run your engine regularly (for at least 5 minutes) to keep parts from seizing and oil from thickening.
  • Fill your fuel up to the brim to prevent the risk of ageing
  • Consider an extended car warranty - this gives you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to repairs 

Are dealerships and garages open?

Dealerships are now open with strict safety measures in place, including hand sanitising stations, perspex screens and one way systems - so if you fancy a change, now’s a great time to take a look. To get some inspiration, we’ve listed our recommendations for summer cars here.

Car garages have remained open for emergency work throughout lockdown with a focus on essential workers. Reports show call-outs have risen significantly as people start to use their cars again - keeping them in demand. Keep your eye on any problems which arise and contact the team should you need anything.

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