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By: James Ruppert
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BBC's Bodyguard starts this month's Free Car Mag round up. It's all about a war veteran now assigned to protect the Home Secretary where he finds himself torn between his duty and his beliefs. It however found Free Car Mag taking a look at what bulletproof cars are on the market and all the tech that comes with them. We have also included the trailer in case you want to watch the series (it looks quite good!).


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Bulletproof Cars

Skoda, Land Rover and BMW are just a few of the companies that offer security vehicles and all of them come with quite a few additions to keep you safe. From the seemingly ordinary, in this circumstance bulletproof windows, to the three levels of protection that BMW offer for street crime, organised crime and attacks with explosives! 

bulletproof cars bmw BMW have three levels of security
land rover bulletproof car Land Rover's has an anti tamper exhaust
skoda used car warranty Skoda's is even equipped with a siren
vicki butler new fifth gear quest free car mag Vicki Butler heads up Fifth Gear

Vicki Butler Interview

Free Car Mag love cars and that includes car racing. This month we've got interviews with Honda's BTCC star Dan Cammish, Susie Wolff who raced in the German Touring Car Championship, DTM, for Mercedes Benz. 

Finally, the interview I'm personally most excited about is Fifth Gear's Vicki Butler. 


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The rest of this month's Free Car Mag has even more ladies of racing, fashion with Natalie Dormer (or you might know her as Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones) and the usual cars for your head and heart.   


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