Is Your Car One Of The Top 10 Most Stolen?

By: Motor Easy
Car thief stealing BMW

Car Theft Is Increasing

New figures have been released highlighting the most frequently stolen cars in the UK, with car theft seeing a huge overall increase of 30% in the last three years. 40 out of the 45 police regions saw 85,688 cars stolen in 2016 compared to the 65,783 in 2013.

Thieves are also finding ways to get around the technology in modern cars and are now able to steal cars without the keys. This was captured in Solihull when police released footage showing the crime take place. They are now urging people to take more rudimentry measures to protect their cars such as steering wheel locks. 


Car Theft Hotspots

The most reported incidents were in London at 26,496 in 2016, followed by the West Midlands at 5,930 (up 43%), West Yorkshire with 5,597 stolen (up a whopping 57%) and Greater Manchester with 4,999 stolen (up 29%).

Most of the cars stolen and recovered all had prestigious and fashionable badges, we wouldn’t mind having a few of these parked on our drives, not stolen though obviously.

Is your car on the list, if it is make sure you have it protected with GAP Insurance from MotorEasy.


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10. BMW 5 Series

9. Land Rover Defender

8. Range Rover Vogue

7. Range Rover Autobiography

6. BMW 3 Series

5. Mercedes- Benz E-Class

4. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

3. BMW M3

2. Range Rover Sport

1. BMW X5

Yet again finding itself at the top of the list this year, the BMW X5 had previously dropped to second place in 2015 after leading the list for the previous 6 years, not sure it is a honour BMW are looking for. But as with all the cars on this list they are worth a fair amount of money, you’re unlikely to find an old Ford KA on this list. 


GAP Insurance Protection

We recommend that new or expensive cars should be protected with GAP Insurance, which you can buy for less than 40% of main dealer rates from third party providers. It offers affordable protection in the event of theft or write off.

Car insurance companies will give you back the "market value" of the car at the time it was stolen or written off, rather than what you paid meaning you'll need to downgrade for a replacement - you lose the depreciation. But, with GAP Insurance you'll recieve the amount originally paid for the vehicle (RTI), a replacement vehicle (RTV) or the value at the inception of the GAP policy (RTV). If this is confusing take a quick look at our GAP Insurance guide & Infographic.

GAP Insurance ensures the second potentially most expensive thing you own other than your house is full protected, and you are able to get a similar car or one for a similar price. Important, especially if your car is worth as much as the ones on this list and if you happen to reside in areas seeing these high numbers of thefts.

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