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By: James Ruppert
Free Car Mag 49: MotorEasy Review Baby Driver

It is a funny old business running a car mag. We had a whole lot of stuff on racing drivers and racing cars and then this brilliant film turned up. Baby Driver.

The problem with so many films with cars in them, and we do have to point an accusing finger at Fast & Furious here, is that CGI really gets in the way of the action. That does not happen with Baby Driver at all. These stunts are real and nothing looks even remotely fake. Add to that one of the best soundtracks since Tarrantino reinvented what we listened to while we watched a film. It is cool and quite brilliant and the soundtrack is also crucial to the plot. In our Baby Driver feature we have concentrated on the cars, how they were picked and how the stunts were planned.

Actually, we ended up keeping most of the racing related material we had prepared, especially as this is such an interesting Formula One, BTCC and endurance car season so far. We thought it was interesting to find out what makes a racing driving tick with Peter Drumbreck. It is great to see our favourite racer, Jenson Button, back in the driving seat and follow Chris Hoy's and fellow Olympian, Amy Williams', developing careers behind a steering wheel.

Free Car Mag editor author bangernomics James Ruppert James Ruppert

Anyway, Free Car Mag remains a funny old business, but a fascinating one which lets us put Baby Driver and racing drivers together in the same issue. Hope you enjoy it.


James Ruppert

Editor, Free Car Mag & Author, Bangernomics


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